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What is a finishing mower, and how does it differ from other types of mowers?

A finishing mower is a specialized lawn mower designed for a manicured finish. It has multiple blades that create a clean-cut surface, ideal for lawns. Unlike rougher mowers, it prioritizes aesthetics over speed: this makes it the perfect tool not just for farming but also for gardening and the maintenance of parks, golf courses and athletic fields.

What are the advantages of a flex-wing mower?

A flex-wing mower is known for its versatility in tackling wide and uneven terrains. Its wings flex independently, allowing it to follow contours and cut efficiently in challenging landscapes, making it suitable both for agricultural and commercial applications. Sitrex’s flex-wing mower comes in different models, each of which features 3 floating decks with 4 wheels on each deck for better quality, more precise mowing and smoother cut. Get in touch with us to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How does a fertilizer spreader work, and what types are available?

A fertilizer spreader is a machine used to evenly distribute fertilizer onto fields, but it can also be used to spread cereals, seeds in general, as well as salt or sand. There are two main types: the standard one, and the pull-type fertilizer spreader. The choice depends on your specific needs: if you require assistance, get in touch with Sitrex’s experts.

What are the key features of Sitrex’s fertilizer spreader pull type?

A pull-type fertilizer spreader is a type of spreader towed behind small tractors, garden vehicles and trucks. Key features include adjustable spreading rates by acting on the lever, spreading width control by changing the forward speed, and easy attachment for efficient fertilization of green areas and gardens. Moreover, upon request, we can supply you with a deflector for spreading salt or sand on icy roads.

How do backhoes enhance farm operations?

Backhoes are versatile machines used for digging, excavation and trenching tasks. They are essential equipment in agriculture for their ability to perform various tasks, such as digging holes for new plants, clearing land, and moving heavy materials. The versatility of our backhoes makes them a valuable asset on the farm or even on a construction site.

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