Spreading rotor wheel drive
Spreading flow adjustment lever
All our fertilizer spreaders are made of high-quality materials. They are degreased, then painted with antitrust and finally coated with anticorrosive paint dried at 120° C. Also suitable for spreading rice, wheat, and many other cereals, as well as for salt and sand on icy roads

Technical specifications

Hopper capacity26,5 Usa Gal.
100 Litre
38 Usa Gal.
144 Litre
Maximum loading capacity264 Lbs
120 Kg
352 Lbs
160 Kg
Width of spreading pattern dep2,2 - 6,5 Yard
2-6 m
2,2 - 6,5 Yard
2-6 m
Overalheight40 inch
1 m
42 inch
1,35 m
Hopper width32 inch
0,8 m
42 inch
1,35 m
Power Required4 Hp - 3 Kw4 Hp - 3 Kw