Deplectors are adjustable to allow spread turning of hay when they are wide open. They can be closed following working needs to obtain even and aerated windrow
When the Haymaker 300 is lifted it locks automatically on center position in order to avoid lateral oscillation. Machine locks also on uneven grounds
Twin-wheel kit (optional)
Center dividing head provides even spreading which is necessary to avoid noxius masses of hay which might cause fermentation
To obtain perfect turning and windrowing, one tine out of two, provides wider opening to increase the worked area and to allow passage in very thick hay

Technical specifications

Working width119’’ - 3,02 m
Weight726 Lbs - 330 kg
Transport width91’’ - 2,31 m
Power required20 HP - 15 kW
Rotorsr.p.m. 180
Height31’’ - 0,79 m
Ptor.p.m. 540
Pneumatic Tires15x6.00-6ply (n.2)
Double teethn. 20
Hitch typethree point