Pro 17

Tandem wheels for travelling over uneven terrain.
Hydraulic rake angle drive.
Telescopic crossbar for working width adjustment.
Suspension arms equipped with stop for stability during transport.
Towing bar position adjustment.
Finger wheels with welded structure and vulcanised rubber tines.
Hydraulic lifting of finger wheels and ground pressure adjustment.
Remote control box for hydraulic drives.

Technical specifications

Number of Wheels17
Wheels diameter60’’ - 1525 mm
Teeth per Wheel36
TeethRubber mounted in set of 2
Transport width12’3” - 3735 mm
Transport length28’3” - 8610 mm
Maximum raking width29’ - 8840 mm
Maximum finished windrow width72” - 1830 mm
Rake wheel hubsTapered Bearing
Tires10.0/75 - 15.3