The side rotors rest independently on the ground via the 6-wheel axle, which ensures minimal pressure on the ground yet still the correct working position of the tine with respect to the ground. The fact that it is equipped with wheels and the oscillations provided in the hinge of the harvesting rotor also allow it to better adapt to different types of terrain
Precise and easy adjustment of the height of the tine from the ground thanks to the crank with gearbox and level indicator.
Single-acting hydraulic system with single control, which allows for both the width of the machine to be adjusted and the machine to be set from the transport position to the working position
The rear-wheel steering system facilitates manoeuvring and reduces the amount of space required for moving

Technical specifications

Transport width9’ 4’’ / 2,85 m
Height during transport position11’ - 13’ / 3,35 - 3,94 m
Working width22’ 4’’ - 25’ / 6,80 - 7,60 m
Hay width3’ 9’’ - 6’ 5’’ / 1,15 - 1,95 m
Weight4140 Lbs / 1880 kg
Number of arms11x2
Number of double tines for arm4
Number of revs during working350-450 r.p.m.
Tires16x6.50-8 / 10-75 R15.3
Power required55 HP / 40 kW