Very resistant chain transmission, and with spring shock absorber
Unloader direction adjustable up to 300° of rotation, and with the possibility of installing the pump kit to spray water on the discharge so as to reduce dust when throwing the product on bedding
Simple, functional electric control panel with joystick for adjusting the unloading direction and potentiometer for regulating the conveyor belt speed
Large loading door allows loading up to two round bales diam. 1800mm or one square bale
1500 mm diameter turbine with 8 blades (4 long and turbine 4 short) for throwing the product far and well mixed
Rotor with 72 knives and with 13 counter-knives for holding the product against the rotor in order to quickly chop all types of fodder and convey it to the turbine, and hydraulic adjustment of the counter-knives to make the rotor more or less aggressive

Technical specifications

Total length4130 mm
Width outside wheels2075 mm
Total height with unloader completely lowered2600 mm
Mixing tank volume3,5 m³
Mixing tank internal length2000 mm
Mixing tank internal width1400 mm
Mixing tank internal height1200 mm
Door length1750 mm
Empty weight2.200 kg
Net capacity1.300 kg
Minimum power required48 KW - 66 Hp
Min. oil flow and max. pressuremin. 30 L - max 150 bar
ControlsElectric with joystick
Attachments to the tractor2 - quick coupling
Max. load round bales2 - diam. 1800 mm
Max. load square balesN°1 1300X900X2700
Turbine diam.Ø 1500 mm
Number of throwing blades8
Max. throw distance to R20 mt
Turbine two-speed gearboxmin. 280 max 540
Cutting rotor1 L=1400 diam. 530 mm
Number of knives72
Rotor rpm450
Number of counter-knives13
Rotor drive4-groove belt, with spring
WheelsSingle 10.0/75 R15.3
AxleSect.60 L=1800 6 stud bolts